Sri Lanka’s economic crisis: Past, present and the path ahead

Amid the worst economic downturn faced by Sri Lanka since independence, shortages of essential supplies and public outrage are only worsening by the day. International loans and stopgap measures may not be sufficient to manage the crisis in the longer term as the country is in dire need of internal economic and political reforms.

New increases in migration to the US from Latin America

The migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border and throughout Latin America looks to heat up once again this spring as governments have so far failed to offer adequate solutions for the root causes of northbound migration.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Less than one week into its invasion of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces have struggled to achieve the quick victory that they were ordered to secure.

The Omicron variant: Life goes on

While the Omicron COVID-19 variant has spurred another global outbreak wave less than a year after Delta, the milder effects of the strain, particularly on fully vaccinated individuals, means that global travel and the economy may recover quicker this time around.

Convoy protests in Canada expose domestic fault lines

After three weeks of border closures and citywide shutdowns, anti-government protesters have largely dispersed without achieving their primary goals, but have been emboldened by the support they received to continue their efforts.

Kazakhstan protests trigger political upheaval

The swell of anti-government protests that erupted in Kazakhstan at the start of 2022 have triggered violent crackdowns and scared the government enough to seek foreign military assistance despite the risk of doing so.