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Communications are cut in a coup d'état. Airports are closed after a hurricane's landfall. Hospitals are overwhelmed during an outbreak of disease.

But life-threatening situations don’t materialise out of nowhere. Riskline tracks potential threats as they develop and keeps you informed before it’s too late. Riskline provides verified, independent risk assessments of countries, territories, regions and cities around the globe. We work all day, every day to give you the latest information on crises worldwide.

Be prepared

We have everything you need to learn about a destination before you go. From the long-term threat of terrorism to the local risk of protest taking place right now, our reports will have you covered.

In the know

Stay on top of what's happening locally with real-time Alert Messaging, our system to inform you about unfolding crises and issues that could impact your safety or travel plans as they happen.

Stay on track

In addition to keeping you safe, Riskline also helps you stick to your travel plans. We report on travel disruptions caused by everything from natural disasters to labour strikes.

Easy to understand

We don't believe in complicated scoring or convoluted systems. Every report we publish includes a Risk Level, our simple scale of risk from Low(level 1) to Extreme (level 5).

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