The Omicron variant: Life goes on

While the Omicron COVID-19 variant has spurred another global outbreak wave less than a year after Delta, the milder effects of the strain, particularly on fully vaccinated individuals, means that global travel and the economy may recover quicker this time around.

Convoy protests in Canada expose domestic fault lines

After three weeks of border closures and citywide shutdowns, anti-government protesters have largely dispersed without achieving their primary goals, but have been emboldened by the support they received to continue their efforts.

Kazakhstan protests trigger political upheaval

The swell of anti-government protests that erupted in Kazakhstan at the start of 2022 have triggered violent crackdowns and scared the government enough to seek foreign military assistance despite the risk of doing so.

2022 Forecast

Natural disasters, extremism, elections and social unrest will join the continuing impact of COVID-19 across the world as the major threats and disruptions to travellers in 2022 according to our team of expert analysts who have identified 10 key risks for the coming year.

Provocation on the Belarus-Poland border

The latest migrant crisis in Europe, initiated by Belarus on the Polish border, continues a growing trend of governments engineering such crises to force political concessions from neighbouring countries.

Top 4 Autumn City Breaks

Travel restrictions are being relaxed around the world, so dust off your passport and head out on an autumn city break.

Sudan: Is the coup a setback or the end?

Sudan appears set on becoming the new Egypt, with its recent coup, which has dealt a near-fatal blow to the country’s chances of establishing a democracy in the coming years.