Riskline’s travel alerts now in French & Spanish

Riskline's travel alerts are now available in French and Spanish, which is part of our ambitious long-term plan to bring our human-verified intelligence to every traveller in need.

“As a $1.4 trillion industry employing tens of thousands of people worldwide, the business travel sector has a truly international reach and this is set to increase as travel gradually resumes. In order to operate, the business travel sector needs the most up to date, verified travel intelligence. What’s more, this intelligence should be communicated in a range of languages to reflect the growing global nature of the sector and ensure it can be accessed by a large number of travel professionals.” Emanuele Scansani, Director of Partnerships & Strategic Relations at Riskline, explains the driving force behind the launch of Riskline’s Alert Messaging in French and Spanish.

Travel risk intelligence company Riskline provides Alert Messaging to business travel professionals around the world. Each Risk Alert contains essential, verified intelligence, practical advice and precise geographic data about risks to traveller safety or impacts on travel plans.

Each Risk Alert is ‘human curated’ – verified by Riskline’s team of global intelligence analysts in more than 15 countries. Spanning 11 time zones, the team are on the ground, monitoring the world’s political crises and security developments 24/7 to help keep travellers safe and managers informed. The international analyst team creates between 20,000 – 21,000 Risk Alerts annually. However, due to the increased demand for risk intelligence in 2020, over 27,700 alerts were published.

Emanuele Scansani continues: “The business travel sector is fast-growing and by no means limited to English speaking markets. Many people prefer to access travel intelligence in their local language so we’ve taken the decision to start localising our data in the main languages used in the travel industry, beginning with French and Spanish.

“This means we now offer alerts in the native language of 29 French speaking countries and 22 Spanish speaking counties and marks the beginning of a long-term and ambitious path towards bringing our intelligence to every traveller in need.”

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