Riskline Launches City Safety Maps

Street-level information for business travellers

At the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Europe Conference 2018 in Berlin we launched our City Safety Maps project, a new service that will bring unique street-level safety and security information, a first inthe travel risk management industry.

An initial collection of 50 City Safety Maps is already available to Riskline resellers and clients. City Safety Maps are an exciting addition to our range of travel risk management products and will complement our existing portfolio of 244 City Safety Reports. An additional 50 maps will be available at the start of 2019, with new maps to be added throughout the year.

Riskline’s analysts created each map from scratch using open source and human intelligence, including reports from local authorities and information from trusted local sources. Every map contains critical information and advice for travellers about specific neighbourhoods and landmarks in a city, down to the street level. These locations include high-crime zones, protest flashpoints and other areas of concern.

City Safety Maps will be available through the Riskline portal as part of existing City Safety Reports, as well as through an API, which can be incorporated into travel and duty of care apps.

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