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Give your customers up to the minute Covid travel advice with our easy-embed widget solution.

We've got Covid covered

Don’t let Covid-19 confusion get in the way of your customers’ decisions. Give them a tool at their fingertips that lets them see the implications of Covid on their travel plans and how best to prepare for their trip. TravelCheck displays up to date risk and infection scores, at-a-glance information on their destination and need-to-know information on departure, in-flight and arrival.

Make it yours

Customise your widget with your own brand colour and poster image, to seamlessly integrate it into your website.

Easy Embed

Our simple Javascript installation will get you up and running in no time. A few lines of code is all it takes to install the widget, with 2 display modes available.

– inline for embedding into a single page, or modal for a floating, site-wide travel assistant.

Built on our API, USED by our partners:

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