Q2 Newsletter

Message from the CEO

We’ve all heard the same turns of phrase rolled out in response to the COVID-19 crisis – unprecedented times, the new normal etc. What we need to hear more about now is resilience. It is, after all, a crucial element underpinning how businesses and individuals alike are able to stay strong in the face of adversity and adapt to the changing landscape.

Over the past few months here at Riskline we’ve been resilient, shifting with the times, and that’s largely due to the strength of the team. Our dedicated team of analysts, management and developers have all put in long hours to deliver non-stop COVID-19 intelligence, new products – such as the COVID-19 microsite and public maps – all while maintaining and updating our existing services. So before I update you on our recent business highlights, I want to say a huge thank you to my impressive team for all they’ve accomplished over these tough and turbulent months – you make me proud!

The past few months have seen a surge of interest in duty of care, with more companies than ever before now focused on delivering this. As the airline industry gets back to business, we’ve seen significant demand from organisations in this sector for our services. Alongside delivering solutions for these large-scale companies, we’re also focused on supporting start-ups, offering them free test access to our APIs.

Other ways in which we’re giving businesses a helping hand through this crisis is with our COVID-19 tool kit. We’ve developed detailed (and free) maps as well as our new subscription site (coming soon), all designed to enable companies to get their travel plans back on track.

All the best for the months ahead. I hope you continue to stay safe and healthy,

Kennet Nordlien

COVID-19 Special Report & Microsite

Riskline has tracked the COVID-19 pandemic since day one, with our first report sent on 1 January about “SARS-like infections” in Wuhan, China. Since then we’ve continued to monitor and cover events as they happen through our Risk Alerts and Notices, in addition to our comprehensive Microsite.

COVID-19 API– To accompany our existing Microsite we have made our COVID-19 intelligence available through an API. Data includes country, regional and city COVID-19 Risk Levels, information on entry and flight bans and quarantines, as well as country-specific details on international travel, internal movement controls and curfews.

Regional COVID-19 Maps– A world risk map only tells part of the story. In April we began tracking COVID-19 policies and whether domestic travel and business activity is possible at the state and province level for several countries including: Australia, Canada, France, Spain and the United States.

COVID-19 Travel Report– In May we released a report on how to best navigate travel in a post-pandemic world. The document highlights some of the changes that companies in the travel and mobility industries have implemented and those that are planned.

COVID-19 Public Tools– Our new COVID-19 intelligence solutions are aimed to keep you informed and prepared for difficult decisions with the latest intelligence. Our interactive maps communicate COVID-19 infection and travel restriction information. As part of our response to the pandemic, we made these maps freely available, and an embed code allows you to include this information on your site.

Informer Article– We continue to publish Informer blog posts about the pandemic, and we have more entries planned about personal experiences of life and travel in the age of the coronavirus, through print and video.

Report Updates

While much of our efforts this quarter revolved around the ongoing pandemic and the world’s piecemeal response, we have also completed important work outside the eschatological realm.

Riskline analysts have closely watched and reported anti-police brutality and anti-racism protests as they expanded out of a single city to hundreds of locations across the USA, as well as to many international locations.

This quarter we also completed a project to improve the accuracy of the affected areas for our Risk Advisories, which can be seen on each Advisory’s map or by zooming in on the Global Map. These areas now more closely follow administrative boundaries and geographic features.

Likewise, we’ve made some changes to our country Health and Medical sections. Important information about yellow fever and malaria is now easy to find at the top of the report. We also updated vaccination recommendations and added local advice for each. Soon, we will add outbreak reports to this section for ongoing epidemics, like measles or Ebola. (COVID will still be handled separately for the time being).

Finally, in June, our analysts completed a full review and update of all 225 reports for LGBT+ Travellers . These can be found in the Personal Safety Report for each country and territory.

As we move into the summer months, COVID-19 coverage will remain an important part of what we do every day, especially as some parts of the world resume international travel and other important business activities. But as always, we will continue to monitor any other threats and hazards that could impact travel or safety.

Virtual Events and Webinars

While in-person events for Q2 remained cancelled, we continued to engage with the industry through new virtual platforms and mediums.

In April, Riskline co-hosted a webinar on ensuring duty of care in the new COVID-19 normal with leading security risk management company Human Risks. Our Director of Partnerships & Strategic Relations, Emanuele Scansani, also participated in several virtual events hosted by our partners Amadeus and SAP Concur España that showed how our risk intelligence is leveraged by technology to ensure traveller safety.

Our commitment to you

Riskline will continue to support our clients through this crisis. We have more than a decade of experience working remotely with geographically-distributed team members; so far, we have not changed how we work in any way. We will continue our 24/7 intelligence tracking through our virtual operations centre and keep you updated about our business activity as the crisis evolves.

Please get in touch with us – now or in the future – if you know how we can adjust to support you in this radically altered environment.

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