Introducing TravelCheck by Riskline

Riskline launches a new widget, aimed to get your travel plans back on track

Travel managers can discover the latest travel requirements at the touch of a button with a new travel widget launched by Riskline. TravelCheck can be embedded onto a website or platform and enables the user to instantly find detailed, up to date and verified travel information.

TravelCheck covers 220 countries and territories and details information needed before during and after travel such as entry and exit rules such as testing, airline requirements, quarantining and current Covid hotspots. The widget can also be customised with a company’s own brand colour and poster image, allowing for seamless integration into websites and platforms.

Riskline’s Commercial & Communications Director, Suzanne Sangiovese, explains: “We know that travel managers and travellers alike need a tool that’s in-depth and easy to navigate, containing all the essential information in one place. Most important of all, they can have confidence that this information is all current, correct and verified.

“TravelCheck’s data is ‘human curated’ – verified by our global team of analysts spanning over 15 countries and 11 different time zones – which is an essential requirement for a world where travel restrictions are regularly changing.”

TravelCheck expands upon Riskline’s suite of Covid-19 intelligence data, including a dedicated Covid-19 API, in-depth Microsite, Risk Maps and Airline Supplier Policies all released last year.

TravelCheck is easy to integrate and embed into a website and is available now.

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