Riskline launches Female Traveller Safety Reports

New reports help female travellers stay informed.

At the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) 2019 convention in Chicago we launched our Female Traveller Safety Reports, a valuable new resource to advise and support female travellers when travelling and working abroad.

The Female Traveller Safety Reports are a series of detailed country-specific reports carefully researched by trusted local intelligence experts on the ground. Our highly experienced team of female analysts created these individual reports for over 220 countries and territories, all providing information on local customs and laws, safety concerns as well as specific details on health and wellness that directly affect female travellers. These expert reports are designed to support a company’s Duty of Care obligation to keep their employees safe while travelling.

The Female Traveller Safety Reports contain granular detail specific to particular areas of each country and was designed by experts to appeal to a wide spectrum of female travellers, regardless of age, whether on a short or long-term assignment or travelling for work or study.

With over 90 percent female travellers stating that safety concerns affected what they did in their personal time when travelling for work (GBTA/AIG Travel survey 2018), the new Female Traveller Safety Reports helps businesses to address the needs of their female business travellers.

The Female Traveller Safety Reports are available through the Riskline portal as part of our existing Country Risk Assessments, as well as through API, which can be incorporated into travel and duty of care apps.

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