Instant Covid travel advice for your customers with one line of code.

Accurate and actionable

You want verified intelligence that you can use to make decisions. We’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive and credible

You need to know everything about your destination. You can trust us to deliver.

Global and granular

You operate around the world, but your interests are always local. So are ours.

Global intelligence you can trust

Communications are cut in a coup d’état. Airports are closed after a hurricane’s landfall. Hospitals are overwhelmed during an outbreak of disease.
But life-threatening situations don’t materialise out of nowhere. Riskline tracks potential threats as they develop and keeps you informed before it’s too late.
Riskline provides verified, independent risk assessments of countries, territories, regions and cities around the globe. We work all day, every day to give you the latest intelligence on crises worldwide.

Riskline Informer

Kazakhstan protests trigger political upheaval

The swell of anti-government protests that erupted in Kazakhstan at the start of 2022 have triggered violent crackdowns and scared the government enough to seek foreign military assistance despite the risk of doing so.

Monthly Subscription For COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re here to help you get your travel plans back on track. Riskline has tracked the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic since day one so you don’t have to.

  • Our interactive global map quickly communicates COVID-19 infections and travel restriction intelligence.
  • State and provincial-level data tells you exactly what you’ll need to know to make the right decisions as domestic travel resumes.
  • Real-time COVID-19 related travel alerts means you’ll never miss a development as it happens.
  • Access to country specific intelligence ensures that you have detailed information on local situations, from entry and flight bans to local travel restrictions and curfews.

Our subscription microsite delivers the intelligence you need to know before and during any trip with a monthly subscription that you can cancel any time.

Monthly subscription: EUR175 for one license.

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