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When The World Changes, You Need To Know

We create travel risk assessment and intelligence tools that keep people safe. We deliver comprehensive, human-verified risk information 24/7/365 to our clients and their travellers so they can be aware ahead of time.

Be informed, be prepared

The #1 Risk Intelligence Service

Tomorrow’s information, today.

Protests pop up, visa rules change, flooding in a region, new vaccination requirements are implemented – there’s always something happening. Do your travellers have the information they need to avoid travel hassles and enjoy their journeys safely?

Help your travellers avoid disruptions and stay informed without having to keep track yourself with Riskline travel risk information.



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Why Riskline?

Human intelligence, powered by technology

Businesses with personnel, customers or interests across borders need to know about global events. 

Newswires and automated feeds, even AI, might keep you on top of current affairs, but they can’t give you actionable insights or a human perspective. 

That’s why we combine cutting edge technology with human verification and analysis to ensure that our data is relevant and offers a human perspective on how the latest developments affect your team, your customers, your assets or your service delivery.

Our Products

We’ve got you covered

The insights you need, delivered through our APIs, Portal or embeddable Widgets

0124/7 Global Alerts

Subscribe to our alerts and we'll send you the breaking developments that you need to know.

02COVID-19 Data

Access comprehensive and detailed global COVID-19 rules and restrictions data, as well as risk levels and insights to plan around the pandemic.

03Risk Assessments

Get detailed breakdowns covering risk, safety and travel guidance for 225+ countries and territories.

04City Safety Reports

See reports analyzing risks down to the street level for 260+ cities worldwide, to ensure you know your urban destination.


Stay updated with analysis of regional, event- or crisis-specific security situations and travel issues. 


Important safety information direct to travellers.

07Pre-Travel Advisories

Give travellers exactly what they need to know about their destination before they leave home. 

08Specific Traveller Advice

keep travellers safe with advice on local transportation, hotspots to avoid and other safety issues for specific groups.

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Use Cases

See how our risk intelligence can enhance industries

01 Travel
Travel risk intelligence is a key component of successful travel risk management programmes and should be part of every organisation’s wider travel policy. Riskline provides risk assessments and travel alerts, which – when combined with other travel services – help organisations fulfil their Duty of Care requirements for their employees and other staff.
02 Insurance
Our assessments can aid insurers in the underwriting process by offering up-to-date, accurate and fast risk assessments of countries, regions and cities around the globe. Give policy holders a superior customer experience with access to our travel risk awareness and see claims reduced. 
03 Security
You can concentrate on your area of expertise because we’ve already done the initial research. Riskline has a complete portfolio of reports for hundreds of destinations, and we follow developments around the world everyday so you can stay focused on your clients.
04 Assistance
You can focus on your clients when you let Riskline do the research. We write the risk assessments and safety reports for locations around the world so you don’t have to.
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The Informer

The Riskline Informer is a series of analytical pieces interpreting and forecasting key political, security and social issues affecting global affairs.

Let’s talk

Our data services and product suite provide comprehensive insights to keep you informed and help your business respond to global events that could impact your staff, customers or assets. 

Fill out the form and one of our experts will guide you on how Riskline technology can keep you informed and react before it’s too late.

Travellers are safer when they stay informed

Riskline Alert Messaging operates all day, every day. Each alert contains essential intelligence, practical advice and precise geographic data about risks to traveller safety or impacts on travel plans. When we are able to get advanced warning, notices are also issued for events happening in the future.
Riskline Informer
Keep informed of key developments around the world.

Get prepared before you travel

Riskline Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are exactly what a traveller needs to know about their destination before they leave home. Each report is a concise summary of the security and travel safety situation for any destination, and can be sent straight to travellers’ emails.

Let our experts show you how Riskline can keep you informed.

Everything your travellers need to know before they travel

Riskline’s TravelPrep provides important safety information directly to travellers, empowering them to travel safer and smarter.
Let our experts show you how Riskline can keep you informed.

Risk ratings you can build a travel policy around

Riskline has detailed assessments for more than 225 countries and territories around the world. Each report has an easy-to-understand Risk Level™ that can be integrated into travel policies and other business operations. Risk assessments include an overview of the security and travel safety situation in a country, and detailed analysis of the political, terrorism, conflict, unrest, crime, natural, health and local transport risks.
Let our experts show you how Riskline can keep you informed.

Know more about where you actually go

We assess the safety of more than 250 global cities, assigning each a clear Risk Level. In addition to city-specific threats and other local knowledge, every report has a map of important locations down to street level.
Use Cases
See how our City Safety Reports can help keep your travellers safe.

People make better decisions when they have the full picture

Advisories are detailed assessments of ongoing security situations and travel issues. We publish reports for high-risk geographic areas, political and security crises, persisting travel disruptions and major upcoming events, such as elections and international sporting competitions.
Let our experts show you how Riskline can keep you informed.

Covid-19 travel advice at your fingertips

Don’t let COVID-19 confusion get in the way of your customers’ decisions. Give them a tool at their fingertips that lets them see the implications of Covid on their travel plans and how best to prepare for their trip. TravelCheck displays up to date risk and infection scores, at-a-glance information on their destination and need-to-know information on departure, in-flight and arrival.

It’s easy to customise your widget with your own brand colour and poster image, to seamlessly integrate it into your website.

Our simple Javascript installation will get you up and running in no time. A few lines of code is all it takes to install the widget, with 2 display modes available – inline for embedding into a single page, or modal for a floating, site-wide travel assistant.

Interested in trying our TravelCheck widget? Get in touch.

Helping travellers manage Covid-19 disruptions

We have closely tracked developments associated with COVID-19 since late 2019, gathering detailed information on entry and exit requirements, You can get our real-time COVID-19 intelligence via alerts, API, microsite, and the TravelCheck widget.
Let our experts show you how Riskline can keep you informed.

The right guidance for specific needs

Not all travellers are the same. Riskline’s Specific Traveller Advice includes country-specific information tailored for LGBTQ+ travellers, female travellers and tech-dependent travellers.

Riskline Informer
Keep informed of key developments around the world.