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Day in the life of an analyst

Unlike many companies, working remotely is nothing new to Riskline. We have over a decade of experience working as a geo-graphically distributed team in over 15 countries and across 11 different time zones. To give you an insight into how our global team works together, we asked 3 of our analysts to document their working day.

Fall of Kabul

For the first time in 20 years, the Taliban is back in power, promising change but so far showing little sign of it as it continues to maneuver for primacy in a country divided by a half-century of civil war.

President vs Parliament in Tunisia

Tunisia has entered a democratic interregnum since 25 July, with neither a “traditional” coup having taken place nor a fully functioning system of checks and balances remaining. In the next month, the future contours of the Tunisian state will emerge, with the President needing to appoint a new government, restore public confidence in state institutions and take urgent action to tackle both COVID-19 and the deteriorating economic situation.

Olympics amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was envisioned to symbolise Japan’s recovery and renewal. Instead, it will become the first Olympic Games to be held amid a global pandemic without spectators at most venues.

The Delta variant: a blow to global COVID-19 recovery?

The Delta variant of COVID-19, which was first identified in India in December 2020, is widely expected to become the dominant strain of the virus in the coming weeks and it appears set on derailing the reopening process worldwide, or at least making it as painful and costly as possible for most nations.

Mounting Chinese pressure on Taiwan

The incursions of Taiwan’s ADIZ by a record number of Chinese warplanes exemplifies intensifying geopolitical tensions in East Asia amid the China-United States (US) competition but does not signify imminent conflict.

2021 Quarter 4 Forecast

As we approach the end of a tumultuous year, we highlight some of the key risks to look out for across the globe in Quarter 4.

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