Year 2024

Foresight 2024

Unlocking the Power of Information to Ensure Traveller Safety in 2024

Kennet Nordlien
Founder & CEO

As we gear up to enter 2024, the complexities of the ever-changing travel landscape will continue to impact business travel. Therefore, traveller safety remains of paramount importance as organizations are on constant alert to adapt and ensure the well-being of their employees.

2023 was, thus, a year of heightened awareness when it came to travel safety. Priorities of travellers and corporations have been reshaped over the past year. Health and safety protocols became the norm, leading to an increased focus on health security and digital integration.

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s important to note that travel risks will still exist, albeit in a different form. With geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, and technological advancements, staying ahead of potential threats is essential.

We’re expecting elevated mobility rates alongside efforts to improve security and convenience through digitalisation. On the other hand, new visa and other entry restrictions are expected to continue being imposed on travellers, and security concerns will continue to affect travel due to conflicts happening worldwide. Climate change and natural disasters will have an even bigger impact on travel, with the expansion of climate-sensitive infectious diseases and other extreme phenomena.

As travel risk continues to evolve, with new threats emerging and existing ones becoming more complex, accurate travel risk intelligence remains a key tool for keeping travellers informed. By providing realtime information on potential risks, organizations can take proactive measures to mitigate any potential dangers and enhance the safety of their travellers.

Stay informed, embrace realtime travel risk intelligence, and make 2024 a year of successful and safe business journeys.


Opportunities and challenges are in store for the travel industry in 2024, with increased mobility rates expected alongside efforts to improve security and convenience through digitalisation.


The world faces two interlaced problems that are having an outsized impact on public health: climate change and insecurity, which will continue to impact travel tremendously.


In 2023, we saw the outbreak of new conflicts with several precarious situations on the brink going into the new year. Unfortunately, few of those ongoing conflicts have improved or ended.

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