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Key global risks
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Kennet Nordlien
Founder & CEO

We’re in the midst of turbulent times, and the travel outlook for 2023 shows that companies who adapt for constant change and uncertainty will thrive.

Looking back at 2022, the major positive that has stood out in a difficult year for the globe has been the significant reduction in COVID-19 disruptions and restrictions, with only a few countries such as China still imposing stringent measures.

For many of us, life has returned to near pre-pandemic normalcy, and we have finally had a chance to visit those destinations that we dreamed of going to during the height of the pandemic.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s passenger data for August 2022 showed momentum in the air travel recovery with global air traffic at 73.7% of pre-pandemic levels. The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer also indicates that international tourist arrivals almost tripled in January to July 2022 (+172%) compared to the same period of 2021.

But the outlook for 2023 is less rosy as we remain in the grip of turbulent times. Whether that be the unprecedented rise in the impact and frequency of natural disasters, the return of inter-state conflict or the expectation that there will be a global recession in 2023.

Proactively attending to risk means business can continue uninterrupted, and leisure travellers can enjoy their time away. Staying in the know should be a top priority for companies, because in the same way we adjust to a weather forecast, adapting, evolving and continuing will remain pillars for the travel industry in 2023. 

This will allow us to continue to make travel easy and empower travellers in an ever-changing world.

Travel Risks


Travel bounced back hard in 2022, but we can’t expect that momentum to continue into 2023 with growing economic pressures, increases in travel disruptions and more hurdles to clear.
Health Risks


Our experience with COVID has laid the foundation for future disease outbreaks, but there will be one important difference next time: measures will be implemented far faster and more comprehensively.
Security Risks


This year has brought once again greater geopolitical uncertainty with a return to interstate war and hard power in Europe and Asia. This will continue in 2023, and the speed in which conflict can escalate and the magnitude of the impact will be serious concerns for travel.

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