Struggle to vaccinate the world

Protests against COVID-19 vaccination, as well as vaccine supply and distribution issues in relatively less wealthy countries, will continue into 2022. Vaccination has proven instrumental in significantly reducing deaths and severe symptoms, as well as keeping case numbers low.

However, backlash against governments’ vaccination mandates has resulted in mass protests worldwide. Not all governments have mandated COVID-19 vaccination, but as more struggle to reach herd immunity by getting more than 70 percent of their populations vaccinated, mandates will become more likely to compel holdouts to get their shots in order to open up the economy fully again.

While some countries struggle to overcome vaccine hesitancy, others struggle to secure and deliver COVID-19 vaccines. Over 85 percent of people living in Africa are still waiting for their first dose, even as millions of doses ordered by wealthier countries go unused and expire.

Vaccination rates will likely pick up pace as vaccine manufacturers plan to increase production and wealthier countries donate excess vaccines, but the fact that the vast majority of the population is not vaccinated against COVID-19 in some countries will mean that restrictions on travel to and from those countries will be maintained by many others in the near-term.


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