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In a world of information overload, Riskline has the expertise to determine what is essential and what is not. We work to filter out noise and verify facts to produce accurate intelligence and analysis you can trust to make the right decisions.

Full Spectrum Risk Intelligence

Riskline provides a full suite of travel risk intelligence products, from the long-term overview in our Country Risk Assessments to the most timely and local knowledge in our Alert Messaging. Every report also includes a Risk Level, our simple, colour-coded system for assessing actual or potential risk to travel and safety.

Travel Alerts

Alert Messaging - Travel Advisories

Travel News

Daily Brief - News Ticker

Travel Risk

Country Risk Assessments - Travel Advisories

Travel Safety

Pre-Travel Advisories - Personal Safety Reports

Technology Solutions

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Travel Alerts


Travellers are safer when they stay informed

Riskline Alert Messaging operates all day, every day. Each alert contains essential intelligence, practical advice and precise geographic data about risks to traveller safety or impacts on travel plans.


Managers make better decisions when they have the full picture

Riskline Travel Advisories (RAs) are detailed assessments of ongoing security situations and travel issues. We publish reports for high-risk geographic areas, political and security crises, persisting travel disruptions and major upcoming events, such as elections and international sporting competitions.

Travel Risk


Risk ratings you can build a travel policy around

Riskline has Country Risk Assessments(CRAs) for more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Each report has an easy-to-understand Risk Level ™ that can be integrated into travel policies and other business operations.


Know more about where you actually go

Riskline assesses the safety of more than 240 global cities, assigning each a clear Risk Level. In addition to city-specific threats and other local knowledge, every report has a map of important locations down to street level.

Travel Safety


Get prepared before you travel

Riskline Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are exactly what a traveller needs to know about their destination before they leave home. Each report is a concise summary of the security and travel safety situation for any destination.


Because not every traveller is the same

Riskline Personal Safety Reports (PSRs) have assessments and advice on local transportation, hotspots to avoid and other safety issues to keep travellers out of trouble

Travel News


Today’s most important security and travel news in your inbox

Riskline delivers the most important security and travel news of the past day as well as critical events planned for today in the Daily Brief. Three editions mean that you get the right news, no matter where you are in the world.


Feature the latest security and travel news on your site

Add the News Ticker to your corporate website or intranet to display the latest from Riskline’s Alert Messaging Service in real-time.

Technology Solutions


Riskline is embeddable

The new Riskline widget can easily be embedded onto a website or platform. A few lines of code is all it takes to install the widget, with 2 display modes available – inline for embedding into a single page, or modal for a floating, site-wide travel assistant. The widget can also be customised with your own brand colour, allowing for seamless integration. The widget is user-friendly, delivering all the vital travel risk information that you need in a concise format.


Access to all Riskline content on any device

Travel and security managers can use the Riskline Portal to access all services and reports in one place. Each portal includes a global risk map and an alerts dashboard for use in operations centres. Options for customised content are available, including user-defined Risk Levels.


Plug-in to all of Riskline’s content

Everything we do is available through APIs. We push new and updated reports to you as they happen, so you always have the latest in your system.

Intelligence you can trust

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