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Travel risk intelligence is a key component of successful travel risk management programmes and should be part of every organisation’s wider travel policy. Riskline provides risk assessments and travel alerts, which – when combined with other travel services – help organisations fulfil their Duty of Care requirements for their employees and other staff.

Travel Management Companies

Offer your clients a full package of travel services
You’re the experts in bookings, itineraries and expenses. Let our experts take care of the risk assessments and real-time travel news.

Assistance Providers

Use our reports as part of a complete Duty of Care package
You can focus on your clients when you let Riskline do the research. We write the risk assessments and safety reports for locations around the world so you don’t have to.

Security & Crisis Management

Complement your expertise with our comprehensive safety and security reports
You can concentrate on your area of expertise because we’ve already done the initial research. Riskline has a complete portfolio of reports for hundreds of destinations, and we follow developments around the world everyday so you can stay focused on your clients.

Insurance Companies

Keep claims down by keeping travellers informed
Travellers that know more about their destination are less likely to change their travel plans or need medical treatment. Riskline has extensive safety information and travel health advice for destinations around the globe.

Riskline Reseller Programme

Give your clients greater access by partnering with Riskline
By partnering with Riskline, you can give your clients direct access to all of our services, customised to your corporate identity.

We Can Help

Riskline has experience partnering with companies in the travel management, security, medical assistance and insurance industries. Let us help you build a travel risk programme or technology solution around Riskline intelligence products. If you need a more tailored approach, we are happy to design a solution that is right for you.

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