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COVID-19 Newsletter for December

Over the past two months we’ve made several enhancements to our COVID-19 microsite as part of our ongoing and evolving coverage of the pandemic to keep up with rapidly changing health, security and travel environments around the world.

The spillover of the Ethiopian conflict

Government forces have been engaged in conflict with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) across the regions of Tigray, Amhara and near the Eritrean border since 3 November. Tens of thousands of displaced people fleeing the fighting swamp the Sudanese border, triggering fears of a massive health and refugee crisis as Ethiopia’s internal community relationships fracture, increasing likelihood of sustained and more widespread conflict.

City and regional reports added to COVID-19 microsite

In many countries, there is a regional variation in COVID-19 infections and measures. To help you navigate these sub-national complexities, we have added city and regional reports to our COVID-19 microsite.

France: Terrorism, Islamophobia and President Macron

The Islamophobic rhetoric from President Macron and his government following recent terror attacks in France has prompted a backlash from Muslim-majority countries and is likely to lead to more radicalisation among young Muslims and those on the far-right.

COVID-19 Reports Update

We have updated our COVID-19 reporting to include more of the latest intelligence and data that you need to know to travel informed and safely.

Deadly unrest erupts across Colombia

Regardless of the ongoing third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia, demonstrators turned out in force for a national strike to denounce planned economic reforms in late April. Security forces have heavy-handedly responded to citizens who vented their grievances following months of COVID-19 restrictions.

Peru’s upcoming elections

A year into lockdown, the upcoming 6 June presidential election is as much a referendum on the COVID-19 crisis as it is a vote to maintain the status quo or shift left in a radical new direction.

Earth Day: Climate Change and its Risks

Among the numerous security risks travellers face in the modern world, a potentially devastating and destabilising force is the Earth itself, as risks associated with climate change often headline relevant reports by governments and private security firms alike.

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