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The Riskline Informer is a series of analytical pieces interpreting and forecasting key political, security and social issues affecting global affairs.

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Afghanistan Under the Taliban, Again

After its lightning victory over the US-backed government in the beginning of August, the Taliban must adapt to openly ruling the country, and managing Afghanistan’s many divisions, the most important of which is who controls the spoils of victory.

Twenty years after 9/11: the never-ended Global War on Terror

Twenty years after 9/11, US-led foreign military forces pulled out of Afghanistan, but they will continue to maintain a presence in the Middle East and Africa for the foreseeable future, due to persisting threats from new militant groups.

Day in the life of an analyst

Unlike many companies, working remotely is nothing new to Riskline. We have over a decade of experience working as a geo-graphically distributed team in over 15 countries and across 11 different time zones. To give you an insight into how our global team works together, we asked 3 of our analysts to document their working day.

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