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Kurdistan regional crisis

While widely supported inside the Kurdistan region, the Kurdish independence referendum held in September 2017 has triggered a swift and aggressive response from Baghdad, as well as neighboring Iran and Turkey. The involvement of Iranian backed militias in the advance on Kirkuk greatly increases the risk of further clashes and unrest in the near-term, while US intransigence opens the door for increased Russian influence in the region.

The long game: the takeaways from 7 October nationwide protests in Russia

The latest mass protests across Russia on 7 October showed that the threat of police arrest and violence failed to deter opposition protesters from gathering in 80 cities across the country. While Putin’s victory remains a near certainty in the March 2018 presidential election, the protests signal discontent against his rule among a growing number of Russians.

The humanitarian and political crisis in Rakhine state

The latest bout of violence in northern Rakhine marks the emergence of an armed Rohingya insurgency that threatens to seriously undermine any prospects for peace and stability in the state, especially in light of the military’s ongoing brutal crackdown on the Rohingya population.

August 2017

August 2017 Round-up: important developments and what we’re tracking for next month.

Protests in Morocco’s Rif region

Protests continue across the Rif region as government takes a confused and contradictory approach to the valid concerns of local Berber residents.

COVID-19 Reports Update

We have updated our COVID-19 reporting to include more of the latest intelligence and data that you need to know to travel informed and safely.

Deadly unrest erupts across Colombia

Regardless of the ongoing third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia, demonstrators turned out in force for a national strike to denounce planned economic reforms in late April. Security forces have heavy-handedly responded to citizens who vented their grievances following months of COVID-19 restrictions.

Peru’s upcoming elections

A year into lockdown, the upcoming 6 June presidential election is as much a referendum on the COVID-19 crisis as it is a vote to maintain the status quo or shift left in a radical new direction.

Earth Day: Climate Change and its Risks

Among the numerous security risks travellers face in the modern world, a potentially devastating and destabilising force is the Earth itself, as risks associated with climate change often headline relevant reports by governments and private security firms alike.

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