How we work

We monitor developments worldwide, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For urgent security incidents, such as a terrorist attack or a major earthquake/tsunami, our analysts will send an initial report within minutes of our first notification of the event and will follow-up with updates as the situation develops.

What we monitor

We use proprietary search tools to monitor hundreds of thousands of open source media outlets and social media feeds from around the world. We also review government travel advisories and the latest updates from law enforcement, security services and travel service providers.

How we assess risk

We assess risk using a custom methodology based on internationally recognised risk management procedures. Our number one priority when assessing risk is the safety and security of your travellers and the integrity of their travel plans.

How we support

We also provide responsive technical support so you can get the most out of Riskline’s services, from the initial setup and integration of our APIs to follow-on requests for new features in your custom-built Riskline portal.

"Riskline has provided AXA Assistance high quality and reliable country intelligence for over two years helping millions of our clients, travellers and expats stay safe."
Shaun Boulter, Head Corporate Mobility from AXA Assistance

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