City and regional reports added to COVID-19 microsite

In many countries, there is a regional variation in COVID-19 infections and measures. To help you navigate these sub-national complexities, we have added city and regional reports to our COVID-19 microsite.

The regional reports include detailed information on infection rates, masks, quarantines and the impact on domestic travel. The regional reports are available for the United States, Canada, France, Spain and Australia, supporting the regional maps that we have for these nations.

We have also added COVID-19 reports for 250+ cities. These city reports detail the overall situation, as well as providing a COVID-19 risk rating.

These new enhancements to our COVID-19 microsite are part of our ongoing and evolving coverage of the pandemic to keep up with rapidly changing health, security and travel environments around the world.

If you’re not currently receiving Riskline’s risk intelligence solutions and would like to gain access to our dedicated COVID-19 microsite, you can click this link to subscribe to the hub on a simple monthly plan of €175/month.

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