Before Travelling

Standardise and simplify your pre-travel procedures with our reports and data. We have risk assessments for countries, regions and cities around the world as well as standardised or custom-build Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) that contain critical destination information for travellers.

Risk Levels

We assess risk using a custom methodology based on internationally recognised risk management procedures. Our number-one priority when assessing risk is the safety and security of your travellers and the integrity of their travel plans.


Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are concise reports that feature a summary of important safety and security information for a given destination. Travellers get the right amount of information, with links to full reports if they want to learn more.


Advisories provide an in-depth assessment of security and travel issues, while remaining concise and easy to read. Topics covered in Advisories include high-risk geographic areas, current security trends and major upcoming events, such as elections or international sporting events.

Special Reports

For major international events, regional natural disasters and other exceptional circumstance, we provide detailed special reports about what to expect and how to stay safe.

"SAP Concur have used Riskline’s risk content for over 5 years now, keeping millions of our clients’ travelers safe"
Dan BECCARI | Senior Director, Products | SAP Concur

Standardised products. Customised solutions.

We offer standardised products, with a range of standard features, that integrate easily with other technologies. At the same time, we work together with customers to develop customised solutions that meet their specific needs.

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