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26 November 2018

Israel and the Gulf Arab states: prospects for formal relations

Israel and several Gulf Arab states have recently made multiple public overtures in the face of the Iranian threat, however, despite shifting regional dynamics the establishment of formal relations will be highly unlikely unless an agreement is first reached with the Palestinians.

21 November 2018

Riskline to attend the GBTA Europe Conference 2018

Riskline is pleased to attend the GBTA Europe Conference 2018 in Berlin from 27 to 29 November.

19 November 2018

Venezuelan Exodus – a continent-wide refugee crisis with no end in sight

Venezuela’s refugee crisis is a major challenge not only to the legitimacy of the country’s government, but also puts pressure on South American governments to formulate a common policy as nearly three million Venezuela refugees, and counting, have left their homeland.

07 November 2018

Migrant Caravan – a visible expression of Central American migration

If the Trump administration follows through to de-fund its security partners in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras for failing to stop future caravans, the conditions giving rise to the migrant caravans would only worsen.

02 November 2018

The emerging terror threats in Burkina Faso

Since early 2018, Burkina Faso has faced a growing destabilisation in the Est region, an area generally safe from terrorism, as a consequence of increased counter-terrorism operations in northeastern Mali. The opening of a new front in the Est region supposes a likely rise of terror-related violence in the area in the short and medium terms, but remains unlikely to spread nationwide.

10 October 2018

The surprise outcome of Maldivian elections: key factors and challenges ahead

Solih’s victory over incumbent Yameen in the presidential election was aided by high rates of defections from Yameen’s PPM party and loss of military support for an autocratic government. However, challenges lie ahead for the new president who seeks to reform state institutions and to restore democracy.

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